Yale Alumni Magazine Spotlights Fight for Yale’s Future

July 14, 2022

The most recent issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine spotlighted the work of Fight for Yale’s Future. In a piece titled “New group seeks changes at Yale,” Yale Alumni Magazine wrote that Fight for Yale’s Future “is focused on free expression and governance issues” at Yale.

The magazine went on to report our concerns that Yale’s commitment to the free speech principles enshrined in the Woodward Report of 1974, and adopted by Yale at the time, “is now under question.” 

The article highlighted the work we are doing to reform Yale and focused particular attention on our efforts to address the “perceived lack of transparency and accountability among Yale leadership, exemplified most recently by the controversial decision to eliminate the petition process for alumni interested in a seat on the Board of Trustees.” 

William F. Buckley, Jr. Program Founder Lauren Noble ‘11 commented: “The Yale Corporation made the decision to disenfranchise alumni very recently and behind closed doors.”

Read the full article in Yale Alumni Magazine here.