Fight for Yale’s Future Calls for Presidential Job Description

October 31, 2023

On Friday, October 27, Buckley Institute Founder and Executive Director Lauren Noble ’11 sent the below message to the members of Yale’s presidential search committee and the trustees of the Yale Corporation. 
Dear Members of the Presidential Search Committee and Trustees of the Yale Corporation,
From the very beginning, the Yale presidential search committee has committed to an inclusive search process that seeks out and utilizes input from all corners of the Yale community. The search committee has taken notable steps on that front, including adding a Student Advisory Council, hosting open meetings with the student body, and soliciting the thoughts of Yale community stakeholders in more intimate meetings as well. 
However, the Yale community can’t provide meaningful input on the presidential search without an understanding of what the presidential search committee and the trustees of the Yale Corporation believe the president’s job should be. 
With that in mind, I call on you to publicly release the job description for the next president of Yale as soon as it is finalized by the committee. 
Releasing the job description will increase trust in the process on several levels. A job description is a basic component of any search. Releasing one will increase confidence for the tens of thousands of members of the Yale community, including the broader alumni community, that the search is being run effectively. Knowing that the search committee has a clear understanding of what it’s looking for will in turn increase confidence that the right person will be chosen.
A clear job description will also give the Yale community a sense of what kind of leader to expect at the end of the search. Those worried if their priorities and concerns were heard will be able to see if they are reflected in the list of requirements for candidates for president of Yale. 
Additionally, releasing a job description could increase the pool of potential candidates, attracting additional stellar applicants the search committee was not aware of beforehand. 
Releasing a job description would demonstrate the search committee’s commitment to transparency. Rather than simply paying lip service, a job description would show that the search committee is truly interested in hearing and acting on the input of the broader Yale community. Of course, there are many different opinions about the future of Yale among students, faculty, and alumni. While it is not possible to please every constituency, candor about the search committee’s priorities will honor the spirit of Lux et Veritas. 
Thank you for considering this request. 
Lauren Noble ’11
Founder and Executive Director

We encourage you to make sure the search committee hears your voice as well. Email the committee at or provide feedback through the webform, or email the trustees of the Yale Corporation at or contact them through their online form. Now is the time to speak up.