Buckley Institute Calls for Intellectual Diversity on the Presidential Search Committee

November 14, 2023

On Tuesday, November 14, Buckley Institute Founder and Executive Director Lauren Noble ’11 sent the message below to the presidential search committee and the Yale Corporation calling for more intellectual diversity on the presidential search committee. 


Make sure the search committee hears your voice as well. Email the committee at presidential.search@yale.edu or provide feedback through the webform, or email the trustees of the Yale Corporation at trustees@yale.edu or contact them through their online form


Dear Members of the Presidential Search Committee and the Yale Corporation,


The process for selecting the next president of Yale should engender confidence among the students, faculty, and alumni who represent crucial constituencies for the success of Yale’s next leader. A process that is biased or unbalanced does the opposite. 


Unfortunately, the presidential search committee that Yale has brought together reflects a complete rejection of the value of intellectual diversity. Like too much of Yale, and its faculty in particular, the presidential search committee appears to be an effective ideological monolith.


Of the 12 members of the presidential search committee, 10 have donated exclusively or overwhelmingly to Democrats candidates for office. One committee member has even donated millions to Democratic candidates. 0 have donated exclusively or overwhelmingly to Republican candidates for office. 3 committee members have been appointed to political positions in Democratic administrations. 0 have been appointed to a Republican administration. 


Political disagreement is inevitable. A university like Yale attracts students who are passionate about the issues that are facing this country and are willing to lend their voices to the national debate. Yale boasts distinguished alumni from across the political spectrum.  


But the message Yale has been sending for too long, and the composition of the presidential search committee sends now, is that diversity of opinion is simply not valued on campus. 


Please reform the committee to reflect real intellectual diversity. Additionally, please release a job description demonstrating that tackling this issue will be a top priority for the next leader of Yale. 




Lauren Noble ’11

Founder and Executive Director